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3 Personality Types To Avoid At Music Festivals

Music festivals bring out an eclectic group of festival travelers that have a common bond: their love for music and adventure. Meeting new people and making new friends comes with the territory of being a festival traveler. In a field of thousands of people, you’re going to make a few friends and for the most part, festival travelers are the type of friends you want in your life! But there is also a small chance you may meet people you probably could do without. After reading our guide, you’ll be able to spot the personality types you should avoid at upcoming festivals and make sure your festival experience stays positive.

The Moocher

You’ll find this kind of person in every group. They’ll either tell you they’re out of cash because the ATM is broken or that they lost their last ten dollar bill, so you feel kind of bad for them and agree to buy them a drink or that hot dog they’re asking for. Don’t buy their sob story. They know exactly what they are doing. We all know that going to a music festivals costs money. These people happen to be the ones that aren't giving your wallet much thought. They just know they didn't bring their own. If the moocher is not in your personal music festival budget, maybe you may have to duck and hide when you see them at the bar.

The Over Promiser Ever had anyone say to you, “My buddy knows the promoter, I can get you back stage if you’re down?” Or how about, “My friends girlfriend’s brother knows the bouncer and can probably get us into [insert favourite artist’s] official after party.” So the great news is you are bound to bump into people that can get you backstage. For the most part, we all know someone that can but there’s also a chance there are the few people that really don’t know anyone and are trying really hard to be your friend. Although this is very admirable, trust your gut when it tells you that this person, can't get you into back stage. How you will know is that usually the ones that can get you backstage, will not brag about it.

The Cinematographer

You know, the person who holds up their iPhone during a whole set. Yep, that's the one. Don't really have too many reasons to give you for avoiding them. They're probably cool people but we just don't like 'em cause sometimes they block our view. Don't their arms get tired? We're being a bit judgy with this one but for selfish reasons, we just don't like 'em is all.

So the good news is, our list is short. For all you fellow festival travelers, you know that meeting new friends at music festivals is easy and these friendships can last a lifetime. But, there will always be a few personality types that while having their own fun, may try to spoil yours. Don't let them. This music festival experience is meant to be a positive one, so if anyone stands in your way of this take note, avoid them if you can and keep on dancin'!

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