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Lupe Fuentes - "Robot Love" Label - In The Loop Release Date - May 2, 2016


Lupe Fuentes shows love for the robots in her upcoming release "Robot Love" out May 2nd on In The Loop. The Columbian born and LA based house and techno purveyor continues to feed our souls and ears with fine tuned techno and infectiously groovy house music. Always experimenting with new sounds, vocals and genres, Lupe Fuentes fiends growth and the exploration of electronic music and her own unique sound. Her thriving career has been a dream come true, and Fuentes' has been overwhelmed by the constant support she's received from her peers and heroes.

"Robot Love" explores an eclectic sound, radiating movement and energy across the dance floor. This tech house piece beams in with metallic sounds, driving you into a rhythmic groove with a latin zest. The percussive elements draw out an underlying tribal feel to the track, keeping a nice pace with the synth lead line. The hazy, drawn out vocal samples adds nice juxtaposition against the strong rhythm in the background.

Listen to the PREVIEW here.

Listen to the FULL RECORD here.

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