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Dreamy Day Under Toronto Skies

The iconic All Day I Dream (ADID) party, landed under Toronto skies this past weekend. A party that started on a Brooklyn rooftop back in 2011, has since become internationally known for it's branded melancholy sounds of house and techno. The signature feel of ADID is spun by none other than Lee Burridge and his partner Matthew Dekay. We last attended the ADID party at SXMusic and the vibe of this one was equally memorable. Within The Commons area of Toronto’s historic Fort York, we chilled under the sunny (and at times cloudy) but dreamy skies, made new friends as usual and enjoyed the sounds of Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay and YokoO.

Collectively executing the event were the Coda and Embrace teams, alongside partners Summerdaze, Platform, Way of Acting, Project O and Provoke & Floh. They gathered the energized crowd and we were ready for the Sunday fun-day to begin.

While we chilled under the Toronto skies, we could not help but feel this event was like no other this summer. The talented and creative Summerdaze team that helped bring the ADID brand and vision to life, also spiced up the event with their own signature brand and flare. From dreamy décor and styled booths to creatively accessorizing the crowd in true festival fashion, the added dynamic layers and Summerdaze touch enhanced the perfect mix of food, art and entertainment. Body painting, hair braiding, reiki, Thai massage, Vegan food ... there was something for everyone and the TO crew soaked it ALL in.

The music was perfect for the crowd and the crowd was perfect for the music. The smiles on their faces and the positive post-event comments by the artists said it all. Thank you Lee Burridge, thank you Matthew Dekay and thank you YokoO, we hope you felt Toronto’s warm embrace.

Huge appreciation and recognition to all of the people whose hard work and contribution made this a Sunday fun-day one that will be hard to top.

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