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Camp Summerdaze Retreat Set To Take Toronto Music Lovers To A New Dimension

Summer in Toronto is borderline anxiety inducing for music lovers. There’s just TOO much to see in this great city when the weather gets nice. The fear of missing out on something great can be overwhelming. That’s even true when the weather’s not nice, let’s be real. But did you know there’s a new event that can give you a super satisfying dancing fix AND provide calming, restorative effects at the same time?

If there’s any group that can pull off such a unique event it’s the Bespoke Experience crew (known affectionately in Toronto as the folks behind the Summerdaze series). They’ve been putting on parties in the city for over six years, building a reputation for creating delightful sensory experiences and a strong community around them. With such a dedicated following and extensive event planning chops, it’s no surprise that they’re setting out to break the mold once again in their seventh season of summertime programming. Their upcoming Camp Summerdaze retreat, July 28th to 30th at Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands, looks like it’s going to be a truly unique event for the city, and something you may want to consider adding to your summer event calendar.

Camp Summerdaze will be unlike any other electronic music event you’ve attended in Toronto. It will of course feature the big-name talent you’ve come to expect from Bespoke Experience, with a lineup featuring over 20 DJs and live performers including top local and international talent, like the legendary Mark Farina and Lemon Bucket Orkestra. But it’s about a lot more than great music – it’s also about doing something great for your health, wellness and personal development. It’s as much of a dance party as it is a retreat for the mind, body and soul.

Imagine dancing your pants off all day to world-class DJs, sipping drinks and dining on curated menus, then enjoying a tranquil massage and perhaps attending interactive workshops with speakers on topics including environment, technology and healthy living. You can take a yoga class, join a meditation, check out an art installation, and maybe buy some wares from local artisans. That’s just a small sampling of the things you’ll be able to do at this unique three-day event.

Speakers you can check out include Joe Martino, founder of Collective Evolution – a conscious alternative media organization that focuses on creating change by shifting consciousness. Matt Gray is another inspiring mind sharing his knowledge at the event. He’s the founder and CEO of HERB, an organization that aims to change public perception of cannabis and show people its remarkable potential.

The event location itself promises to be inspiring as well.

“We loved our first experience at Artscape in 2015 and it was our favourite event to date – the property, the music, the energy – it was really special,” says Jordana from Bespoke Experience. “We spent 2016 focusing on what we wanted to achieve to produce this event – not just another festival but an experience where participants can take away more than just the music; an opportunity to learn, create, inspire and immerse oneself in the whole experience.”

And as always, Bespoke Experience has chosen a special charity partner for Camp Summerdaze – --- so you can feel good about contributing to a great cause by attending. works to support a healthy world by working to preserve the Arctic. Learn more about the important work they do here.

If you’re interested in a retreat that melds world-class music, fabulous food and endless options for nurturing your mind and body, Camp Summerdaze is it. Early pricing starts at just $25 for general admission day passes. Get the most up-to-the-minute event details and ticket info on the Camp Summerdaze Facebook event page. Hope to see you there!

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