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Canadians Flock to Playa Del Carmen

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In Canada, the underground house music scene has become one of the world’s best. With a few music festivals that are known worldwide hosted all throughout the country, we also consider ourselves to be proud Canadian owners of our very own festival in Playa Del Carmen, the BPM Festival.

Built on a dream by a five visionary Canadians, the BPM Festival has propelled this sleepy fishing village into a destination for all and envied by many. As the market for festival travel worldwide has exploded, the festival and Playa are true examples of the power this market can bring to a country, a region and a town. With The BPM Festival 2016 wrapped for yet another successful year, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico returns to its regular rhythm of life.

2016 saw new venues for the BPM Festival, As co-Founder Craig Pettigrew stated “We needed something bigger to offer our clients, shows outgrew venues. We looked at alternatives and created our own” … “The Jungle”, Wah Wah Club, Martina Club, La Salsanerra and the return of The Blue Parrot,and La Santanerra. Whether you wanted to explore the jungle, dance in the sand, or be in town, there was a venue for you. Even with the influx of 70,000 “Festival Tourists” Playa kept its welcoming embrace and small town charm. Festival Director of Operations Alessandra Axelsson says it perfectly “come here and enjoy the parties and music, but come and enjoy the city and region. There is so much cultural diversity here.” Entertainment in this lovely part of Mexico is limitless, whether it is hanging out at the beach, a day trip to the tranquil and picturesque town of Tulum, visiting Maya Ruins, Zip lining in jungle parks, enjoying the beauty of the cenote’s, or snorkeling in the clear waters, Yucatan has it all. The people are friendly and the natural beauty astounding.

As 70,000 “guests” head home to almost 70 different countries around the globe, they bring smiles, pictures and stories of what Festival travel is truly all about. Thanks Playa and BPM for making us Canadians feel right at home once again.

The Festival Traveler

“The world is your dance floor”

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